This article is written casually. I don't write like this formally.

Puzzle 5

6m: Got opponent down to 38 health. Also, I thought burning was useless at first, but we're missing a gem, so we can definitely burn here. Also, this entire puzzle has only one desert location, it seems.

15m: This isn't working. I can't kill the enemy units, it's too inefficient. It's like I should ignore Perfect Grade or something.

23m: WHAT? The desert action standardification thing works on the things not named Desert? Utter nonsense...

27m: Okay, I have a "down to 2 HP" solution - suiciding Storied Martyr, ignitioning the deadly unit to kill it, and using Infuse. I burned Dire Benediction to play one of the tokens (the last card in my hand is an Insurgent). This is really close. At this point I think I may have just made an ordering mistake or something.

28m: WAIT A MINUTE I STILL WIN. I just smashed the Ringmaster into the 6/7, which killed it (I thought it had Alpha Strike?) and the leftover crappy unit had 2 attack, which technically means it's overkill for 1.

By the way, are you a second language speaker? You're using the ’ apostrophe in the puzzles, which is causing it to show up as if there's no apostrophe at all in the intros.

Puzzle 5 Solution

(10 2r7o) Burn Dire Benediction
(11 2r8o) Desertification Engine on A2 activates
(11 2r8o) Move Desertification Engine on A2 to A3
(11 2r8o) Parsa Clarion on A7
(9 2r6o) Xerxian Sympathizer on A6
(7 2r5o) Eager Recruit on A2
(7 2r4o) Eager Recruit on A2 attacks Perfect Grade on E2
(7 2r4o) Parsa Recruit on A2
(7 2r3o) Storied Martyr on A5
(7 2r2o) Desertification Engine on A3 attacks Lantern Colossus on E4
(6 2r2o) Vulcan Brand on Storied Martyr on A5
(5 1r2o) Ignition on Nine-Tailed Vixen on E6
(5 0r2o) Resupply Caravan on A5
(3 0r0o) Infuse Xerxian Sympathizer on A6
(1 0r0o) Dashing Ringmaster on A1 attacks Perfect Grade on E2
(1 0r0o) Attack with everything, make sure to hit the middle lane all the time because of Focused [84-5-10-10-10-5-12-12-12-9=-1]

One thing I didn't know is that apparently my standard action only counts as 1 more attack instead of 2 from Frenzy.

Puzzle 6

1m: Okay, so I think the trick here is Overrun beats Immortal, so you want to attack through the Immortal targets. I mostly come from Eternal and only know this interaction because of Life Tap "inconsistencies".

3m: Also I can kill immortal stuff with Focused Frenzy.

5m: First attempt brings enemy down to 22 health, really not good enough. Volkov Pointman probably has to go to A2, but then...?

7m: Oh crap! Breath of Wintertide is like a Slayer 3 in this context. I thought it was crap!

8m: 3 mana left, one Impel usage, and a Canine Cavalry that sees no use, and opponent has 7 health left. Wait, I have DISK?! And I can impel Cavalry over. So that's what, 5 extra disk dama- that's exact, huh?

9m: Yup, that was it!

Puzzle 6 Solution

(8 4b5g) Pillage targeting enemy War Fan
(5 4b3g) Burn Avenging Alpha
(6 4b4g) Activate Matryoshka on Winter Wolf on A4
(6 4b4g) Volkov Pointman on A2
(5 4b2g) Focused Frenzy on Winter Wolf on A4
(3 4b0g) Berserkr Sickness on Volkov Veteran on A1
(3 3b0g) Breath of Wintertide on E3
(3 2b0g) Impel Volkov Veteran on A2
(1 2b0g) Attack with Volkov Veteran twice [54-8-10=36], move the Volkov Veteran to A3 and attack with Winter Wolf twice [36-15-15=6] and finally attack with Volkov Heavy [6-6=0]. I'm pretty sure you could have used Berserkr Sickness on Volkov Heavy as well to deal the same damage, which is really nice.

Puzzle 7

1m: What is this nonsense? Temptation Brass Bouncer? Does that even work? We also got Freki Sidecar in the dump... Also, Cairnhenge with Rainbow's End for extra mana is a thing.

4m: Okay, if I Marching Orders left, the enchantment is put to the far left, which makes sense to me.

6m: Temptation on the Frenzy seems like the most damage dealing thing I could do, despite it being covered a lot...

10m: I'm on some other path involving Skyranger on the left. I've already dealt enough damage for opponent to be on 6 health, but my "move away the thing and temptation" doesn't work, cause Immobile. Argh...

14m: I think I got it.

15m: Yup, that was it. Though I think I broke your puzzle again, as I have 1 overkill damage.

Puzzle 7 Solution

(8 3b3g2o) Gallows Boy on A2 attacks Brass Bouncer on A3
(8 3b3g2o) Vedma Skyranger on A5
(5 3b2g2o) Vedma Skyranger on A5 activates (gg)
(5 3b0g2o) Vedma Skyranger on A5 attacks Ensnaring Serpent on E5
(5 3b0g2o) Burn Wake the Bones {(those 4 words may have made you cringe :P)}
(6 3b1g2o) Marching Orders your board right
(5 3b0g2o) Temptation on Kára Mourningwives on E6
(1 3b0g0o) Cairnhenge on A6, just because, and attack with both [11-7-5=-1]

Puzzle 8

3m: First attempt, I got the enemy down to 11. And I'm using Flame Scrolls. There's also the Stubborn Tengu loop with Sidecar?

6m: Yeah, that is uh, not happening, until the Revolutionary Totem is gone. I guess I need to go kill stuff with Master of Shadows.

8m: Sidecar on the Giant Stairway and kill the 2/2? Oh, screw you Totem. And Lurker, so I can't even attack it? Screw that.

10m: Better idea. I checked the deck early and know a Jaunt is sitting there. So I'll just teleport that.

11m: Defender? Sigh...

14m: Okay, opponent's down to 5. Not good enough. I noted it seemed I was really low on mana, and it's probably because I didn't use a Poppy replace.

18m: Huh? I have 9 overkill damage.

Yes. Nine.


Puzzle 8 """Solution"""

(8 5b4p) Field of Poppies on A1
(11 4b4p) Steam Bun on A5
(10 4b3p) Steam Bun on A5 activates (1)
(9 4b3p) Burn Rune of Denial
(10 5b3p) Jaunt on Master of Shadows on A7
(9 4b3p) Stubborn Tengu on A5
(6 4b2p) Master of Shadows on A7 moves to A2
(6 4b2p) Allfather's Horn
(10 6b4p) Master of Shadows on A2 attacks Revolutionary Totem on E2
(10 6b4p) Master of Shadows on A2 attacks Iku-Turso on E3
(10 6b4p) Jin-Sook, Dollmaster on A1 activates to kill Gallows Boy on E5
(10 6b4p) Freki Sidecar on A5
(3 4b4p) Shinobi of Fire attacks twice [23-1-1=21]
(3 4b4p) Dump the rest of the spells on Stubborn Tengu and attack 3 times [21-10-10-10=-9]

I like how I solved Puzzle 5 the slowest. Those massive HP puzzles are my weakness, I still haven't beat the ingame Minmaxer puzzles that seem to require actual damage instead of some infinite loop.